Saturday, 7 April 2012

Woman loses £413million lottery ticket.

A woman who claimed she had a winning ticket for the £413million Mega millions lottery said she has misplaced it.
American MC Donalds worker Mirlande Wilson said "I have no idea where it is,I'm not sure I have it". The 37year old came forward to say hers was one of 3 winning tickets after the monster price pot grew to be the worlds biggest ever at $656million.
Since misplacing the ticket the mum of seven has strangely forbidden her children from looking for it, and she hasn't even looked in the uniform she wore to work the night she claims she bought it. Wilson from Baltimore added "I'm still looking for it, I haven't even checked in my uniform pants yet".
If she does find it,she would be in line for a lump sum of £1.6million after tax or £3.5million every year for 26years. But her story has changed somewhat, she claimed to have the ticket before, saying it was safe in an undisclosed location, then stunned her colleagues by claiming she had hidden the elusive ticket somewhere in their branch of the fast food chain in the state of Maryland hmmmn this woman doesn't sound genuine to me to be honest.. Or what do you think?

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