Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ace flutist tee Mac itseli gets attacked by one of his dogs.

When others were celebrating easter last weekend it was no doubt a rough one for ace flutist tee Mac itseli.
TEE MAC who is known to have over 20 Alsatian dogs at his lagos home, was viciously attacked by one of his furry friends named "Atiku".

According to insiders, he had gone to feed his dogs raw meat for breakfast, when Atiku and another dog called "obama"got in a fight.

Attempts by tee Mac to separate the dogs was futile, so in order to bring the situation under control, he made a move to grab atiku. But rather than obey his master, Atiku sunk his fangs into tee mac's right foot and wouldn't let go.

Sources say it took quite a while and the intervention of those around before Atiku could release his master's foot but by then he was bleeding profusely. He had to be given urgent medical attention. The flutíst had to cancel all public arrangements as his leg became swollen and he couldn't wear shoes.

An insider said it wasn't the first time such was happening but tee Mac loves his dogs a lot.

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