Friday, 27 April 2012

*PIc of the day* what do you think this little girl is thinking??


Ramsey Nouah set to quit acting.

31 year old popular actor Ramsey Noah has decided to quit acting saying he feels he has had enough of the big screen ..

"I think I've had my fair share. To my fans and loved ones, I know they'll always want to see me on screen, but as they say, it's best to leave when the ovation is loudest. I want to leave a very strong legacy. I believe I have left a very strong imprint in that line. There's no possible way you can mention 'Nollywood' without mentioning Ramsey nouah" he said.

The Ace actor says he wants to go into directing. Well goodluck ram you sure did entertain us.

OmL did I say "ram"?? Hehehe sorry o! *covers face*

How to get a bigger,rounder ass in one month.

So many girls want bigger behinds, apart from looking good, it also improves self esteem, and makes cloths fit better. Below are some simple steps that would help in your quest to get a bigger booty.

--> Improve your nutrition: Eating properly would help sustain your overall health and body processes. Avoid junk food, eat more of fruits and vegetables and chicken.

--> Increase your daily calorie intake: To gain size in your butt you need to eat more food. But don't go overboard or you ll become obese! You can eat healthy snacks between three meals

--> Exercise: Yes exercise!! Here are some workouts designed to enhance the butt area : squats, lunges, kick backs e.t.c these are the fastest means to a bigger,rounder butt. For more info about this workouts send me a mail.

-->Sleep: This is the time when the body repairs itself and grows. If you don't get enough sleep, it would affect the development of your butt.

Meet Miss Abia MBGN

Her name is glory onuoha, she's tall, beautiful and intelligent and she's representing Abia state. I love good things, that's why I'm supporting her and from what I've seen, the only competition she has is Miss plateau who on the other hand is quite pretty.. Like her pics on the MBGN fan page.

Or add her on Facebook

Or add her BBpin
Hahaha you must be jonxin if you thought I was gonna share that :p

The grand finale of the event is to hold at Best Western Home Ville Hotel Etete, GRA, Benin City Edo state on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

This year's event marks the 25th edition of the pageant and it promises to have the presence of ex-beauty queens from the pageants and a live transmission from the venue.

Go glory Nelly supports ya all the way!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bomb hits this day building in Jabi Abuja.

There was pandemonium in Jabi, Abuja on Thursday morning when a bomb explosion rocked This Day Newspaper building.

A team from National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has arrived at This Day premises and rescue officers from various agencies are on ground providing support and taking victims to hospitals. The explosion occurred inside the main building blowing away the roof.

Investigations according to NEMA reveals that the explosive device was planted somewhere within the building and not a case of suicide bombing.

The number of casualties is unknown yet but eyewitnesses say lots of people have died.

Nawa oo people that went to work this morning, people that ate last night and probably laughed with their family smh*

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Davido flaunts N10million cheque!

Davido is really flossing all levels. A few minutes ago the pop singer posted the picture of a 10 Million Naira cheque he had just received. "Great meeting, made a lil change" tweeted Davido when he posted the picture of the cheque on the micro-blogging site.

This guy is really going hard oo but for how long ? Wizkid don dey use style fade small small

Venus has a Dick??!?

Over the last few weeks I've been obsessed with the name venus, I believed any girl with that name was a goddess so I embarked on a quest to find "venus".

I started by asking my friends if they knew anyone called "venus" I couldn't get any help there, then I put "searching for venus" as my private message on bbm still no response. I even asked my friends on bbm still no luck.

Then on Sunday, I decided to look on Facebook where I saw this pretty brazilean Venus .. Omg I was Soo excited I even sent her a message before sending a friend request!! We got chatting and it seemed she was into me. Then just yesterday I decided to go through her pictures that was when yawa explode!!

Venus had a Dick!!! She/he was a transexual!!! Omg!! I had never seen such a thing live except on Jerry springer!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww I deleted+blocked him sharp sharp !! Yuck ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) I was psychin a man!! Ewwwww ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) no more venus!! No more name crushes No more No more!!

International Super model "Oluchi" without makeup

Does she look prettier without make up ??

Monday, 23 April 2012

Mike Tyson impregnated prison guard.

Former Heavy-weight champion Mike Tyson, who served three years of a six-year prison sentence for rape in 1992 and returned to jail for nine months in 1998 following a road rage conviction, has claimed that he got a prison officer pregnant when he was in jail. The 45-year-old retired boxer said the woman in question did not have the child, but he refused to
elaborate on any other details.

Asked by ESPN host Rick Reilly what he has left out of his one- man show 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth', he said: '' I didn't talk about getting a prison official pregnant. 'Oh yeah. In prison, stuff happens. But she had no baby .''

Tyson who has eight children also discussed the many drugs he used to take back then, describing the substances, both legal and prescription, as his ''little friends''. He said: ''I just liked morphine, but I had to take a lot of it because it didn't stay in your system for a long time.''And I'd have my cocaine, and I had my marijuana, and I had my Cialis and Viagra and my little friends all sitting there.''

Five nigerian drug trafficers arrested in India and Malaysia.

Five Nigerians have been arrested for allegedly trafficking in drugs in India and Malaysia.

A 35-year-old Nigerian, Uche Sylvester, who used to traffic drugs between Mumbai and Delhi, was arrested in the capital and 100 grams of cocaine was recovered from him, the Times of India reported on Sunday.

Sylvester was arrested near the Delhi airport on Thursday while returning from Mumbai, police said on Friday.
Indian Narcotics Control Bureau had earlier arrested three Nigerians for allegedly trying to smuggle out heroin worth Rs 2.50 crore from the Asian country.

Ude Chidi and Obumuneme Nwachukwu were arrested in New Delhi in separate alleged drug smuggling attempts. Also, Ikechukuri Otuata, (32) was arrested after he was found in possession of 64g of cannabis. He was arrested on Friday at the Saligao junction during routine late-night patrol by police sub-inspector Akshay Amonkar.

Since he was behaving suspiciously, the police team detained him for questioning and a search resulted in the discovery of 64g of cannabis from him.
Otuata was later detained in police custody for further investigation.

Meanwhile, a 27-year-old Nigerian registered as a student of a private college in Kuala Lumpur since June last year, was found with 0.85kg of methamphetamine concealed in a special compartment in his laptop bag, New Straits Times reported on Sunday.
Malaysian custom chief Siti Baya said the man was detained by Customs when his laptop bag showed a suspicious image when it was scanned on his arrival from lagos. Why do Nigerians keep doing this to Us ehn ?! .

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Photos from stephanie okereke's wedding.

Official wedding photos will be released by the couple in the coming days. Wishing them a happy married life!- photos from Linda ikeji

Photos from chidi mokeme's traditional marriage

The bride's name is Chinwe Olumba NOT Jane Oduah like we all initially thought. The couple married traditionally today at the bride's hometown of Umuduru Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State. Their church wedding is slated for next Saturday April 28th. Happy married life to them !

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Nollywood stars storm Paris France as Stephanie okereke gets married.

April 21st, 2012 – Stephanie Okereke's Wedding: Nollywood Star Storms Paris Sexy Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke will be getting married to her long-term fiance, Linus Idahosa today April
21st, 2012 in Paris.

To display their support top actresses like Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo, Monalisa Chinda left Lagos night to felicitate with their own "personal person" on her day of joy.

The above photos were taken on Friday morning during a breakfast with the bride-to-be, Stephanie Okereke. Stay in touch with for an update on the wedding photos.

Friday, 20 April 2012

plane crash in Pakistan.

A Pakistani passenger plane today Friday April 20th crashed near the Chaklala airbase as it was trying to land in thunderstorm, killing all 127 people on-board.
The Boeing 737 belonging to Bhoja Airlines was traveling from Karachi to Islamabad when it crashed due to very bad weather. A Pakistani aviation official said lightening might have caused the plane to catch fire and crash. A violent rain, wind and thunder storm was lashing the capital at the time of the crash, which occurred about 6:40 p.m. local time. RIP to the victims!- Linda ikeji

Friday special: 10 most common "YIMU"we all experience in our day to day life..haha

1--> Shouting and waving happily to someone in a busy street and the person doesn't notice ^_-

2--> You see someone walking ahead of you, and you think you know the person then you run up to the person and smile that "fake" familiar smile and say "heyyy" the person turns, and you realise its a total stranger ^_O

3--> There hasn't been light in your area for a longtime and when they finally bring the light you get all excited shout "Up NEPa" and possibly do a silly dance, and then when you are about to go and put on the T.V/charge your phone *pooof* they take the light Hahaha yimu!! ^_-

4--> In class everyone is making jokes and laughing, and when you finally say your own joke the whole class goes quiet *cricket* *cricket* .... -_+

5--> You see a freebrowsing code online,you get excited, then you spend valuable minutes writting down the code and extra minutes typing em into your phone and when you finally try to connect IT DOESN'T WORK! -_- yimu!

6--> You are just coming home from school/work tired and hungry, and in your yard you smell nice jollof rice/ewedu or something then you run like an antelope skipping stairs and jumping chairs and when you finally get to the kitchen you open all pots and they are sooooo clean you ask your mum/wife and she says the smell is from your neighbor's house... Haha sorry o ! O_O

7--> Pastor wants to deliver somebody, he pray pray pray and then blow breeze the person No fall *lool yimu!! -_o*thats something I can do, I pirry the pastor that would come and do deliverance for me*

8--> After bragging to your friends about your singing skills and how you are gonna make it big, you go for peak talent show and they insult you + kick you out + show you on TV ! Lool don't go home atall!

9--> Someone beats your junior brother/sister or girlfriend, and then you go to fight the person and the person decks you bad bad bad have just dropped your rep. YIMU!

10--> You are reading this sentence thinking I'm going to write something reasonable aint it? YIMU to you!

Happy Friday!

*pic of the day* if this chicken was to have a baby what would the baby look like?lool

Bishop oyedepo is being sued by the girl he slapped!! Read and be wise!!

Okay its no longer news that G.O of winners chapel pastor bishop oyedepo tear somebody slap in the name of deliverance.

The new gist is that a lawyer has filed a N2billion naira lawsuit against him. Some people are calling this lawyer bad names and all, but I support it infact I was going crazy that such a profound act would go unpunished.

Bishop oyedepo slapped the girl after he called her a witch and she replied that "she wasn't that she was a child of God". Is it by force?? How many people did Jesus slap?? If that was the way Jesus was delivering people ehn he would have beaten the f**k out of that man that had "many demons" living in him. If I'm not mistaking, in the video I heard bishop oyedepo say "do you know who I am?" who are you pls? You have no right to slap anyone! For Godsake God didn't even slap the devil!!

I know so many winners chapelers wouldn't like this post but I don't care I'm going to speak the truth !!

You all are aware of the the fleet of private jets and the Reedemers university he owns in Nigeria aint it? Its good yes! But what has he given back to the society? How many poor people in the society can afford to go to the "reedemers university"? He is a pastor,isnt he meant to be a philanthropist? How many scholarships has he given?

There's still a huge mass of poor and uneducated people in the church screaming halleluyah everyday! what has he done for these people? I'm not judging though but I have to speak the truth think about it.

Anyway back to the main point of this article, I hope that girl wins the case because its only in Nigeria rich people get away with such things, afterall Naomi Campbell was fined for throwing her phone on her maid kmt! Na so Rev king go turn person pikin to suya! God would help us.

Rapper The game dumbs $3000 Ace of spade on the street.

In an effort to get even more people to hate
his guts, rapper The Game grabbed TWO bottles of champagne worth $2800(N420K) and dumped them out on the street last night ... because he felt like it.

Game was leaving the Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when he TOPPED his wasteful performance from earlier in the week ... by pouring out two bottle of Ace of Spades champagne right onto the sidewalk. After he showered the pavement, Game decided to spread his wealth ... buying some late night hot dogs for anyone who happened to be in the area. Lool its a badman tin"

Undergraduate dies after sleeping with dog.

A part-time Accountancy Undergraduate student named Uche (last named note released) of a Federal University in Nigeria has met with untimely death after sleeping with Dog.

According to a recent report, Uche was one of the happening babes in town, although she likes doing her things in her own little way. In fact, a lot of her course mates Don't know her because she was quiet and she doesn't talk to anyone in her class.
She hails from Imo State.
NaijaNelly gathered that Uche came from a non-wealthy family, but she struggled to make ends needs and to also send her younger ones to school, through the money she got from her many men friends.

Uche stayed with her friend in a duplex around Wuse 2, and she drove a Honda car, before she met a guy who changed her life completely, but who eventually used her for rituals .
Uche's Shocking Confession Before Her Death
One of Uche's friends revealed to us how she confessed to her before she breathed her last about 2 months ago.

Uche,we learnt met the America based guy in one
restaurant in Abuja. Roland spoilt her silly with money and gift; he even bought for her, an exotic car and promised to marry her. She was very happy that she has finally met the man of her dream, especially considering the fact that the guy also hails from
the same place with her.
Few weeks after Uche met Roland, she started spending almost every day with him.
Roland spent 6 weeks in Nigeria before going back to the United States; he even gave Uche an engagement ring that she flaunts before her friends.
Uche kept most of the things she shared with Roland to herself until she fell ill and went to about 3 hospitals, where she was told there was nothing wrong with her.

One of her friends who stayed with her, later took her to a white garment church in Kubwa,a suburb of Abuja.
The Prophet, we gathered saw vision about her
predicament and advised Uche to confess what has
happened to her or else she will die, initially she didn't want to talk but after much persuasion from her friends,
she did. She said, Roland likes adventure, so he suggested they should do some nasty things. She said Roland had a dog he cherishes, and he suggested she sleeps with the dog while he watches her, she said she doesn't want to do it, but later she had sex with the dog, her friend further revealed that,Uche was angry after the sex with dog show, but Roland begged her and gave her a car key(Infinity Jeep),assuring her nothing will happen to her .

Roland left the country the following day, and promised to start processing her papers to come to the United States once he gets back to U.S.
Uche's friend and the prophet called the guy but the
number didn't exist. They also asked her for the address of Roland's house in Abuja but they didn't get the address she described.
The Prophet advised she should be taking back home while she beg God to save her, because she has been used for rituals.
Uche died few days later.
OMG I'm sort of words. What a sad ending of her life.
The love of money is the root of all evil.smh*

Beyonce goes back to school.

The super star singer was spotted on Wednesday April 18th entering an adult education center in NewYork, clutching a laptop computer...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Grandpa in police net for fingering a 3year old girl.

56-year-old grandpa is currently being remanded in Kirikiri Maximum Prison for allegedly fingering a three-year-old girl. The suspect, who resides at Block 1, Masha, Surulere, Lagos, claimed to be a staff of Mushin Local Government.

P.M.News investigation revealed that the suspect and the parents of the girl reside in the same building.

According to the mother of girl(name withheld), "it's the usual character of the old papa, and he is not willing to turn a new leaf.

"On the fateful day, which was the 41st day after my husband's death, I was looking for my daughter when one of my neighbour's daughters told me that she was inside "fingering" daddy's room but her mother instructed her to keep quiet. I stood at the man's door, calling my daughter. Suddenly, he opened the door and pushed her out with her pant half-way down. She was crying and calling: 'My bum-bum, my bum bum."

The matter was immediately reported at the Bode Thomas Division, Surelere, where policemen were sent to arrest the suspect. The little girl was taken to hospital for examination and the reports confirmed she was sexually molested.

The man was charged to Magistrate Court 3, Surulere where he pleaded not guilty to the one-count charge. He was ordered remanded in prison custody while the case was adjourned till 3 July, 2012.

15 year old rape suspect commits suicide.

15-Year Old Rape suspect commits suicide Just one day after he was accused of rape and punished by residents in Lagos, a 15-year old boy was found hanging on a rope in an empty room .

The Togolese, Yao Donou, who was alleged to have raped a 5-old girl was Tuesday found dead in a room at Ipaja-Ayobo, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.
The apparent suicide happened at Orebiyi compound
behind Command Road, Ipaja. The late Yao was found with a rope tied around his neck and hanging from a ceiling a day after the residents tortured him for raping the victim.

This resulted in suspicion that he might have committed suicide as a result of the rape incident.
It was gathered that Yao was severely punished by the residents after he raped a little girl in the neighbourhood. He was asked to lie down and bricks were piled on his back before his mother pleaded with the victim's family and he was released later.
He went home dejected according to residents, who
witnessed the beating.

His mother, Kehinde, who was still in shock over what happened, said she didn't believe that he could commit suicide.

She said the late Yao was his only son out of her three
children, adding that he was close to her.
She said that her son could not go to school and they decided he should learn mechanic which she said he was doing well before the incident happened.
Kehinde described Yao as a hardworking person who took his job seriously. She said the police have been contacted and they have visited the scene and left. Residents were shocked at what happened and they were seen discussing the matter and sympathising with the family.
According to the DPO in charge, "So far, no arrest has been made.

Would Eko-Atlantic be the most beautiful city in Africa after completion??

Eko Atlantic is a new mega city currently under construction on the Atlantic ocean off bar beach lagos state by Gov babatunde fashola. This idea was inspired by the palms island in dubai.

What will be the status of this beautiful proposed city (Eko Atlantic City) in africa and the world in general after completion?

Will it be the most beautiful city in africa?

Will it boost the economy of Lagos to be the greatest in africa?

Will it be a tourist attraction for the world in africa?

Will it change the look of Lagos and Nigeria as a whole? and so many more.
Please share your view about it.
You can get more on this city at

How to get a girl in bed in 7days without spending a dime!!

Okay today I'll be giving you tips on how to get a girl in bed in less than 7days without spending kobo..! Sounds juicy right?? Seat back and read.

Ehen!!! See you! That's the one you like ehn! You wanna do but you don't wanna spend money abi ! Stingy fellow mtcheww you too like awuf! Yes! Now you are surprised abi? Now you are smilling, who is smilling with this one?? Mtcheww

Anyway I'll post it soon but not today *oya beg me* uncle plssss *okay okay my child get up I'll post it on Friday* :D

*yawns* sorry ooh slow news day just boko haram and stuff I don tire for those kinda news jor *abi una Neva tire??* ehen I thought as much we wanna see scandals and stuff jor !

James ibori sentenced to 13years.

The former governor of Delta State was sentenced to 13 years in prison at the Southwark Crown court this afternoon for laundering state funds. How many years do you think he will do?

I hear Fashanu's testimony helped his case a bit. The former international football star gave a glowing testimony in support of his friend and the judge admitted it as 'new evidence' and adjourned for almost two hours saying he had to re-write his already written sentence.

Titanic photo reveals human remains.

The people at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere
Administration just released this new image which shows boots belonging to a body. His visible remains have disappeared but the boots and clothing show where he came to rest.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Simon cowell has learned not to sleep with strangers the hard way!

Simon Cowell has learned the hard way not
to sleep with strangers, because when he woke up he realized he had been robbed of a computer that contained X Factor secrets.TMZ has confirmed ... last October, Simon hooked up with a girl he met at Drai's nightclub in Hollywood. He took her home, but the next morning she was gone and so was his computer and his wallet loaded with
cash.Simon -- who has his Bev Hills mansion wired for
security -- called the cops. The footage showed the woman, cops tracked her down and she handed over the computer and the wallet sans cash.Although it's unclear exactly when Simon broke up with fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy, sources connected with Simon tell us it was BEFORE the theft.Fiancees and strange girls can be expensive.

There is nothing wrong with drinking and smoking- pastor Chris oyakhilome

The founder and senior pastor of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on Sunday told all who cared to listen that since the Bible does not expressly condemn both Cigarette and Alcohol, then there is nothing wrong with these stuffs. It all started when a viewer of his television programme wrote in to enquire from the popular pastor if it was wrong
for a 'Christian to work in a Cigarette company'.

Below is the response from Pastor Chris:
There is nothing wrong with Cigarette, the Bible doesn't say anything was wrong with it... I know a lot of people do complain about it because of the relationship attached to it with some sicknesses like cancer...but if they really believe it is wrong why not ban it totally.

It is the same thing when you have Christians working in the Breweries. The Bible doesn't condemn alcohol. The only reference made to alcohol in the Bible is 'do not take too much of wine'. So you see these things has to do with the individual state...if they are convince something is not good they should just ban it..."
I kindoff agree with him sha!

Mercy johnson slaps make up artist on set and smashes her phone filming her.

Actress Mercy Johnson recently displayed that when it comes to anger management, she is just as vulnerable as super model, Naomi Campbell. While filming in Asaba, the Delta State capital a couple of months back, the actress lost her cool, seized a fan's blackberry phone and guess what? Smashed it!

Reason, the fan, a make-up artiste on the set was filming her while in action acting a romantic scene.
Insiders who witnessed the shameful drama on the set of a movie by Amaco Brothers entitled In The Mind, says that all was well until a make-up artiste on set, a female, obviously enthralled by the callipygian decided to record her favourite star on her blackberry phone as she was acting a romantic

Sources say she was in the thick of acting when she noticed what was happening and jumped off set and charged at the make-up artiste. Slapped her across the face, grabbed her blackberry phone and smashed it shouting: "This is how it all begins, this is how it all begins. Before you know it they will start writing lies about me in the press!"

So angry was Mrs. Okojie that it took the entire cast to calm her down and she only agreed to continue shooting on one condition that the said make-up artiste be dismissed from the set.
"I am really shocked," the said make-up artiste moaned as she sobbed obviously in shock at Mercy's attack. "I respect and love Mercy so much. She is my role model. I never believed she could get so angry and do such a terrible thing to me. Now I have lost my blackberry phone I'm so sad".

Baby with six legs born in Pakistan.

KARACHI: A baby boy, now four days old, born with
extra limbs on his lower abdomen at a government
hospital in Sukkur was on Monday brought to the
National Institute of Child Health, where senior doctors described him a rare and complicated case.
"Contrary to popular belief the baby does not have six legs," said NICH director Prof Jamal Raza, explaining that the infant was a parasitic twin.

"One of the twins is living, while the other has become
parasitic. The infant is all right and has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the NICH, but the removal of the parasitic limbs could be a serious and time-consuming medical exercise including both inner and cosmetic surgeries," Prof Raza said, adding that a team of five surgeons had been formed specifically to look into this case.The father of the infant, Imran Ali Sheikh, 31, is an X-ray technician with a private diagnostic practice in Sukkur and lives in Sheikh Mohalla, near Ayub Gate.

Mr Sheikh said he had married Afshan, 27, about five years back and this was their first child.

"I want the doctors to save my son's life," he said. "I am a poor man and have already spent my savings on the illness of my wife who delivered the child after a caesarean section on April 12 at the Civil Hospital Sukkur. I am desperately looking to the government for the treatment of my child and my other financial needs." He added the cost of running the ambulance to Karachi and back had been borne by the local
chapter of the Pakistan Baitul Maal.

He said his wife had stayed back in Sukkur while he had moved to Karachi with the infant and a couple of female relatives were also staying at a hotel in Karachi. Replying to a question, Mr Sheikh said the doctors at Sukkur had done ultrasound examinations during his wife's prenatal check-ups, but they had never said anything about twins or other abnormalities.

According to experts, the term "conjoined twins" is used to refer to identical twins that are attached to each other in the womb. Estimated to take place in one in every 50,000 to 100,000 births, a higher prevalence of conjoined twins is reported in southern Asia and Africa A doctor at the NICH said that around 75 per cent of conjoined twins died because
of medical complications resulting from the condition. Most of the time, surgery was used to separate the twins if it had been determined, there was no risk of killing them.

Dr Nasir Salim, a paediatric surgeon at the NICH and
member of the special team formed for the infant, said that in the case of parasitic twins a much smaller, partially formed twin was attached to the strong, developed twin."What we have here is a twin with a normal upper body who has control over his own legs but has additional lower limbs attached to his lower abdomen. These could be removed through surgery," he said.

He said the team was conducting a critical examination of the extra limbs, their level of penetration into the infant and how important they were to his survival.

"Any decision for the disassociation of the extra limbs can be taken only after knowing the functions and status of the internal organs and pelvis of the child," Dr Salim said, adding that the first report of the committee would most likely be formed by Wednesday.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Best graduating law student dies.

The best graduating Nigerian law school student, Lawal Danjuma, has died. The brilliant new lawyer who was called to the bar just two months ago, died on Friday April 13th 2012, after accidentally drowning in a pool. OMG this is so painful RIP to him.

Africa's world bank hopes dased as okonjo -iweala loses.

African nations have had their hopes dashed with the
selection of Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank, side-stepping the chance to put an African woman with 20 years' financial experience into the top job.
Much of Africa had supported the Nigerian Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, for the role.
But the decision has not come as a surprise, even for MsOkonjo-Iweala.
"You know this thing is not really being decided on merit," she said before the announcement.

Dr Kim, an American public health professor, was the
candidate favoured by the US, which has dominated the World Bank for more than half a century, despite the fact that Mrs Okonjo-Iweala cut her teeth as managing director of the World Bank in 2007 and has a formidable track record as an economist.

But the choice had been more than a test
of two candidates' development credentials, the finance minister of Africa's biggest economy argued.
Speaking a few hours before the announcement, South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said the vote was a test of the World Bank's democratic
He stopped short of calling the decision a stitch-up but said he had "serious concerns" about the organisation's transparency.

The South African finance minister had cautioned against decisions made in "smoke-filled rooms" - a reference to the political carve-ups of the past - but said that poorer countries should have a greater say in shaping policy.

*pic of the day*!You think you are smart?? Answer these questions!lool