Friday, 27 April 2012

How to get a bigger,rounder ass in one month.

So many girls want bigger behinds, apart from looking good, it also improves self esteem, and makes cloths fit better. Below are some simple steps that would help in your quest to get a bigger booty.

--> Improve your nutrition: Eating properly would help sustain your overall health and body processes. Avoid junk food, eat more of fruits and vegetables and chicken.

--> Increase your daily calorie intake: To gain size in your butt you need to eat more food. But don't go overboard or you ll become obese! You can eat healthy snacks between three meals

--> Exercise: Yes exercise!! Here are some workouts designed to enhance the butt area : squats, lunges, kick backs e.t.c these are the fastest means to a bigger,rounder butt. For more info about this workouts send me a mail.

-->Sleep: This is the time when the body repairs itself and grows. If you don't get enough sleep, it would affect the development of your butt.

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