Friday, 20 April 2012

Bishop oyedepo is being sued by the girl he slapped!! Read and be wise!!

Okay its no longer news that G.O of winners chapel pastor bishop oyedepo tear somebody slap in the name of deliverance.

The new gist is that a lawyer has filed a N2billion naira lawsuit against him. Some people are calling this lawyer bad names and all, but I support it infact I was going crazy that such a profound act would go unpunished.

Bishop oyedepo slapped the girl after he called her a witch and she replied that "she wasn't that she was a child of God". Is it by force?? How many people did Jesus slap?? If that was the way Jesus was delivering people ehn he would have beaten the f**k out of that man that had "many demons" living in him. If I'm not mistaking, in the video I heard bishop oyedepo say "do you know who I am?" who are you pls? You have no right to slap anyone! For Godsake God didn't even slap the devil!!

I know so many winners chapelers wouldn't like this post but I don't care I'm going to speak the truth !!

You all are aware of the the fleet of private jets and the Reedemers university he owns in Nigeria aint it? Its good yes! But what has he given back to the society? How many poor people in the society can afford to go to the "reedemers university"? He is a pastor,isnt he meant to be a philanthropist? How many scholarships has he given?

There's still a huge mass of poor and uneducated people in the church screaming halleluyah everyday! what has he done for these people? I'm not judging though but I have to speak the truth think about it.

Anyway back to the main point of this article, I hope that girl wins the case because its only in Nigeria rich people get away with such things, afterall Naomi Campbell was fined for throwing her phone on her maid kmt! Na so Rev king go turn person pikin to suya! God would help us.

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