Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday special: 10 most common "YIMU"we all experience in our day to day life..haha

1--> Shouting and waving happily to someone in a busy street and the person doesn't notice ^_-

2--> You see someone walking ahead of you, and you think you know the person then you run up to the person and smile that "fake" familiar smile and say "heyyy" the person turns, and you realise its a total stranger ^_O

3--> There hasn't been light in your area for a longtime and when they finally bring the light you get all excited shout "Up NEPa" and possibly do a silly dance, and then when you are about to go and put on the T.V/charge your phone *pooof* they take the light Hahaha yimu!! ^_-

4--> In class everyone is making jokes and laughing, and when you finally say your own joke the whole class goes quiet *cricket* *cricket* .... -_+

5--> You see a freebrowsing code online,you get excited, then you spend valuable minutes writting down the code and extra minutes typing em into your phone and when you finally try to connect IT DOESN'T WORK! -_- yimu!

6--> You are just coming home from school/work tired and hungry, and in your yard you smell nice jollof rice/ewedu or something then you run like an antelope skipping stairs and jumping chairs and when you finally get to the kitchen you open all pots and they are sooooo clean you ask your mum/wife and she says the smell is from your neighbor's house... Haha sorry o ! O_O

7--> Pastor wants to deliver somebody, he pray pray pray and then blow breeze the person No fall *lool yimu!! -_o*thats something I can do, I pirry the pastor that would come and do deliverance for me*

8--> After bragging to your friends about your singing skills and how you are gonna make it big, you go for peak talent show and they insult you + kick you out + show you on TV ! Lool don't go home atall!

9--> Someone beats your junior brother/sister or girlfriend, and then you go to fight the person and the person decks you bad bad bad have just dropped your rep. YIMU!

10--> You are reading this sentence thinking I'm going to write something reasonable aint it? YIMU to you!

Happy Friday!

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