Monday, 16 April 2012

Things I know you all have definitely done,some of you are still doing em self! Oya deny now!

-> You have tried to load an already used recharge card, changing some of the numbers, but e no work.. Aint it?

-> While at the bank, you have wished you could walk into the strong room & take any amount of cash you want .. Dream on bra!

-> As a child, you wouldn't put your offering money in the box oo! You would use it to buy biscuit.. Am I lieing?

-> You have put the picture of someone you don't know atall as your twitter avi, fb profile picture or bbm display picture, and lied to your friends that he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend/neighbor/friend e.t.c ehen see you blushing hehe God don catch you today!

-> This is for the boys: you have lied to your friends about how many times you ve had sex, even when you ve never kissed a girl in your life!!

--> This is for the girls: You have lied to your friends about where you bought your cloths, and how much you bought them! "I just got the top from woolworth N7000 only" kmt na wash!

--> When you are broke, you ll begin to search for things in your house you can sell without your parents knowing.... Erm erm :D

--> In high school, you used to dodge one hand under your desk and be browsing, texting or playing game on your phone .. Hehe hope your parents don't see this.

--> You ve wished you could carry your car on your head and run to work when you are late and there is traffic.

--> You ve wished you could beat the living daylight outta your annoying boss...

--> You ve wished you could carry that "mama put"s pot of stew and cooler of rice and run away because you believe she cheats you.. Sounds embarrassing but its true.

--> You have gone for an event where they served you food and drinks, you just took two spoons of the food and a sip of the drink and that was it.. Meanwhile better hunger dey mama you there! Smh

-->In high school you would endure a great deal of pain from cane AKA "dusting" or "odeshi", just to feel bad even when you and I know you wanna shout and cry so bad. Omor express yourself, its a free world... Lol

--> You mistakenly threw a larger denomination than you bargained into the church offering box then you spent extra minutes dancing infront of the box thinking of how to chook your hand and remove it! Haha God done catch you stingy fella!

--> Last but not the least, all of you have one lie on your Facebook profile. Whether play play lie oo, lie is lie!!
Am I lieing ??*No uncle*


Anonymous said...

Nice one,keep it up

Nelly Wildsouth said...

Thank you. I appreciate!