Friday, 13 April 2012

Man slices off 12year old boy's penis.

It was day of horror for the people of mararaba liman katagum bauchi state, when the manhood of 12 year old ayuba halilu was cut off. The suspect is a man named tukur illiyasu 25.

According to ayuba, Tukur begged him to accompany him to a bush in the village to fetch firewood. On their way to the bush he(ayuba) stepped on a thorn and told tukur to help him take it out. Tukur then took out a sharp object from his pocket and cut ayuba's throat. Thinking he was dead tukur cut his penis and took to his heels to an unknown destination.

Ayuba's cry for for help was futile due to the severity of the pain, he slipped into coma and after a while regained consciousness and managed to crawl back to the village, where some villagers saw him and raised alarm.

He was rushed to a private hospital, after being treated and examined he was reffered to the federal medical center Gombe, where he got adequate treatment is now home under the care of his parents.

His father couldn't hold back his emotions as he wept like a little baby.

Now that ayuba is left without a penis, Ayuba's family is not happy with the police, for what they termed as "nonchalant" attitude towards the inhuman act.

The family is now contemplating on what the future holds for the young boy who has been deprived of his penis.

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