Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Police man kills 4 and injures 6 over memory card.

The family feud that caused the killing of four people in tudu-wada jos on Thursday was caused by a petty quarell over the memory card of a chinese Gsm phone.

Six people were also injured as a result of the petty misunderstanding about the whereabouts of the memory card.

One of the victims daniel said on his hospital bed that he didn't believe such a little argument would lead to so much disaster.

Daniel who received two shots to his to his abdomen and chest stated that he had gone to charge his phone when he discovered the memory card of his younger brother nengak was missing. On enquiry he was told that the memory card was taken by the friends of his nephew.

Nengak who was not happy prevailed on Daniel to pressurise the nephew to produce the memory card as soon as possible.

Daniel's reluctance to put pressure on their nephew fumed nengak, who confronted him at a relaxation spot and accused him of laxity in the quest to recover the memory card. According to Daniel when he tried to calm nengak down, nengak slapped him and that was when youth around pounced on nengak because they considered it an abomination.

Nengak left and returned 20mins later wíth a police officer and pointed to daniel. The police officer didn't care to hear Daniel's part of the story before pouncing on him and beating him to pulp and shooting him at close range.

Nengak who became frightened when he saw the situation had gone out of hand, shouted at the police man, Daniel stated, the last words I heard were, "I didn't bring you here to kill my brother" then I passed out.

The police officer suspected to be drunk is said to have killed four people and injured six before he ran out of bullets. He has been arrested and is now in custody.

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Lol that is the only Time nigerian police would have power