Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Things you shouldn't do on the first date!!

- Don't belch, fart, spit or pick your nose

- Never eat 5 plates of isiewu, drink 5 bottles of star and two bowls of pepper soup, if you are lucky he doesn't runaway, he ll never call you again.

- If you forgot to shave you armpit, don't come and start dancing shakira dance.

- Don't talk on and on like a typewriter, allow your date to speak aswell.

- Cut your coat according to your cloth, don't ever take her to somewhere you can't afford oo all in the name of big boy, big boy + No money = gbese o!

- Don't ever allow him to go and pee especially if you ve just consumed three bottles of Ace of spade in a five star resturant, follow him to the toilet if possible.

- Never ever ever eat Garlic before a date, and if you know uve got mouth odour pls pls pls use breath freshners.. I know so many people who have been convicted for murdering people with lethal mouth odour hehe kidding ;)

- Girls pls don't speak about marriage and kids except you wan pursue the bobo

- Make sure you try your possible best not hear the sound of the fan, AC, cricket especially or other people talking around you, cause if you do, then you are in a boring date.

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