Friday, 6 April 2012

FRIDAY SPECIAL:How To Get any girl you want-BOYS ONLY!

Warning!! If you are a girl switch over to another article now!!don't view this!

No matter how tough most boys look,a lot of them develop cold feet when they see a girl they like,the few courageous ones often go about it the wrong way, but no worries follow these simple rules and that hot girl in your class/year is going to be all yours.
1) Look and Smell good: Common man you gotta look and smell olala No girl likes being seen with someone who looks like a pig.

2) First impression: Don't ever try to woo a girl with money or material things at first, cause she ll definetly tell her friends and her friends would convince her to chop your money turning you to Maga united #gbam ,and be yourself its very important girls easily know fake ass n***gers.

3)Have your own life : Most girls like guys that have goals, don't just be an empty sac even if you are not brilliant academically atleast be smart and know what or want in life.

4) Be social : This one works if the girl you want is in the same school as you. Try to engage in sports or talent competitions e.t.c always mix up, do anything that ll make you stand out of the crowd, girls love popular guys and this would definitely get your dream girl's attention.

5)Give her space : once you get in the friend zone don't cling to her like a follow follow zombie that irritates girls a lot, consequences are she ll lose respect for you or she ll see you as a toy. Just Keep doing your normal flexing,hobbies and interests, Try as much as possible not to let your feelings over power you at this stage!

6) Speak to her and be confident: Erm pls ooh I forgot, if you don't speak English well don't toast girl ooo, one gbagaun and your rep is finished o! Okay moving on... Girls love guys that can hold a great convo, be relaxed, try to forget the fact that you are talking to the girl you see in your dreams everynight and picture her as one of your buddies. Talk about anything and everything even sex but don't be too raw and don't start the convo with it I'll recommend sex jokes rather than the main sex , most importantly make her laugh even if it entails dulling yourself to do that trust me she won't mind.

7) Touch barrier : You are now in the close friend zone, you don't want to ruin things now do you? I thought so too .. In this particular stage the girl is having mixed feelings about you and most boys often mis-interprete this stage for love, and begin touching the girl in sensitive areas asper boyfriend things, kmt you will get slapped Or insulted for nothing and that would jeopardize everything. There are other ways to touch a girl without being too sleazy, you could simply hold her hand while walking down the street,you could hold out your hand to lead her through the crowd ,Or if God loves you and you find her sad you could let her lay her head on your shoulder then kiss her lightly on her forehead if she passes a comment like "Thanks you ve been of great help" or something then you know you ve scored a hatrick now you are good to go to the next round !

8) Compliment her : Throw compliments at her hair,eyes,lips even her butt and tell her how great she looks if she laughs and says thank you ,Score!! She has to laugh for you to know you are on track a smile would Do too but laugh is perfect !

9) Be romantic : Don't ever forget her birthday or valentines day get her little gifts, a scent rose or a teddy would do. CAUTION: Don't buy her expensive gifts yet remember she isn't your "gf "if you buy her expensive gifts she ll tell her friends and they ll poison her mind so keep it lowkey till she's officially yours ..your girl's girlfriends are your worse enemies in this whole toasting process!especially naija girls!

10) Ask her out : "Asking out" doesn't mean telling her the koko at that spot, it also doesn't entail taking her to an eatery or the mall.. Remember the objective of this stage is to let out your feelings for the first time I'll suggest somewhere romantic, and evenings are the best time of the day for such. You both could go to the movies,or take a walk yes! Take a walk through a calm breezy place while you both speak about your funny past experiences ,and in the middle of it all grab her arms and tell her how you feel, look in her eyes and if she's staring at you steal a kiss. I swear if she says No I'll close my blog hehe evenings are best for such. If you aren't allowed out at night don't try the "taking a walk" method under the hot afternoon oo simply go to the amusement park or relaxation park but try to avoid malls and eateries on the first date.

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