Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Winner of MBGN 2012 Isabella Ayuk disqualified over age fraud.

a Scandal has hit the MBGN 2012 as the winner Isabella Ayuk has been disqualified by Miss World organizers over her age. The organizers of The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria Peagant are now doing a ton of damage control to clean things up. save the mess.. Below is the mail that exposed the winner and response of organizers. The Mail. Silverbird Corruption in MBGN! No doubt corruption is now a way of life in Nigeria and as such you find corrupt practice in anything we do in Nigeria. Alarm was raised that Isabella Ayuk, the lady who won the crown of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) is more than 26years which she claims she is and many people felt that was an attempt at Blackmailing her! This was confirmed because the whistle blower claims “I know this because Isabella’s younger sister who was my classmate in secondary school is now 27years old”.she(isabella) is 30years old. Today the truth has been told which the organisers of the MBGN, the Bruce family knew even before she contested! But instead, favoured her to be the winner because Isabella is dating Hon Emeka Ihedioha, the Deputy Speaker House of Representatives Abuja and she also warms the bed of a big time businessman Henry Imasekha, a very close friend of James Ibori. Today she has been disqualified from contesting in the Miss World Pageant due to age factor which she lied about and as such the first Runner up Diamete Charles will now represent Nigeria. “My question is What Kind of Country do we Live in? Even in the Pageant industry there’s corruption!. The Bruce family have now disgraced themselves and Nigeria before the entire world”. Pls Rebroadcast to say no to Corruption in Nigeria. Silverbird's Response SILVERBIRD CLEARS THE AIR The management of Silverbird, organisers of the annual Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria and Africa's longest running beauty pageant will be sending MBGN First Runner up, Miss DIAMETTE CHARLES GRANVILLE, to represent the country at the Miss World pageant holding in Mongolia, China in August. MBGN winner, Miss ISABELLA AGBO AYUK will represent Nigeria at the Miss Universe. MBGN Second Runner up, Miss IFEOMA UMEOKEKE will be at the Miss Tourism International holding later in the year in China. In a signed statement, the management said the decision was in the best interest of the beauty ambassadors, the company and the country at large. "As we celebrate our 25th anniversary in the world of beauty pageantry, Its our wish not to only raise the bar but replicate the groundbreaking records achieved by Agbani Darego as the first Black Africa's Miss World 2001 as well as some past queens who have achieved remarkable results at some renowned international pageants in the recent past. While we seek your understanding, we also urge you to pray for their victory at the various global beauty pageants where they will be flying the country's flag". Signed GUY MURRAY BRUCE Group Vice President, Silverbird


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If that is the case, why is she contesting for Miss Universe 2012 with the age of 25years. What the hell is that for ?

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