Thursday, 14 June 2012

BBA stargame day 39- maneta going crazy!

With her pants pulled down to her knees Maneta held on to the gas heater pole like a stripper pole while grinding her derriere all over Prezzo.

The Kenyan rapper's face lit up like a Christmas tree as the Zimbabwean Housemate repeatedly pushed herself against him suggestively as Roki watched on with a jealous look on his face.

The sexy little dance only came to halt because the rapper thought he heard his girlfriend Goldie coming outside and he ran off to go sit down and pretend like nothing happened.

As soon as he realised that Goldie was not on her way he got back up again and this time Roki joined in and the two men sandwiched Maneta in between them. Prezzo got of the way and Roki started gyrating vigorously on the young StarGamer while picking her up in his arms. This carried on until Maneta had to throw up.

Afterwards Maneta turned her attentions on Keitta, throwing herself at the Ghanaian and telling him "Mildred is not watching". When he stayed unresponsive she repeatedly asked: "Are you rejecting me"? Following that the young VIP dame went into the room and changed into a teeny tiny bikini and jumped into the Jacuzzi with Keitta. Jeez… Maneta take a hint girl.

It is beginning to look like Maneta and alcohol do not mix well. The intoxicated beauty mumbled: "I am disgracing myself and my country." Later on in the evening Maneta passed out on the couch downstairs and Keitta carried her to the girls' bedroom before having to help her rush back down to the bathroom to throw up.

"I am never drinking again in my life," said the Zimbabwean. Whether or not this is true only time will tell but until then remember Maneta girl that there is nothing wrong having with a little fun but responsible drinkers know when to quit - instead of embarrassing themselves on TV.
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