Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Roki and maneta disqualified from big brother stargame

After a dramatic nomination session Monday which saw Nigerian housemate Goldie save her love Prezzo, putting in his place Ghanaian Keitta, from possible eviction Sunday, Roki and Maneta have been disqualified. The Zimbabwean housemates were evicted from the show today after a physical altercation which contravened the rules of the reality show. Maneta threw a cleaning fluid in Roki’s face and apparently threatened to stab Roki who had also thrown fluids at his fellow country woman. Big Brother after going into the matter concluded that Roki intentionally provoked Maneta who reacted out of provocation. After the incident, M-Net and Endemol, producers of the reality show in a statement said, the rules regarding physical violence is most important in the house and “are committed to enforcing the immediate disqualification of any housemate(s) who break these rules.” The statement added that “Roki and Maneta will be provided with psychological and medical treatment and counseling to assist them with conflict and anger management.” The two will be the second housemates to be disqualified from the show for violence. Ghanaian housemate, Derick Kobina Boney (DKB) and Zainab from Serra Leone were disqualified from the show Monday, June 4 after a physical confrontation which saw DKB slap the Zainab. Kenyan housemate Prezzo, who is a close friend of Roki, could not hold but shed tears as his pal packed to leave the house. Namibian Lady May and Goldie also shed tears though goldie obviously cried because prezzo was crying. Maneta, who had tried to get intimate with Keitta on the other hand hurled insults at Prezzo, Goldie and Keitta as she left the Big Brother house. Africa now waits to see Big Brother’s next move with respect to this week’s nominations which had South African Barbz, Keitta and Maneta on the chopping block.

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