Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beware!! boko haram plans to use suya for mass killing.

According to a leaked report obtained by Christian Association of Nigeria, South East Zone yesterday, Boko Haram Islamic Jihadists and their sponsors have concluded their evil plans to declare holy war against southern Christians by; The deployment of over 6,000 Jihadists to the south to prosecute holy war Importing poisoned Suya powder Everyone in the South should be very careful when eating Suya or any product that is imported from the North. Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma raised the alarm at a meeting in Enugu yesterday. He said: “We have information and documents to show that this is a Jihad being sponsored and we have our documents to show where they have dispatched 2,000 people to prepare for Jihad to South East, 2,500 to South-South and about 2,000 to South West. The names of those who are sponsoring this are in our hand now. So, it is a form of Jihad to make sure that Nigeria is frustrated and islamized and we are saying we are going to resist it, we are prepared to resist and they will not succeed. We have our information because there is already a Boko Haramist that was converted and has leaked most of these secrets to us and we have our document and information. So at the appropriate time we shall strike and we are waiting for them.” “We are warning our people to be careful of suya because we have now heard that they will start poisoning people through suya. They know the suya they give themselves in the North and suya they give to the people in the South. So people should be careful of suya. Nawa ooo suya gan :(

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