Sunday, 10 June 2012

Who says you are not good enough??

So many people let different physical and psychological things throw them off balance, they believe they aren't good enough simply because they are too thin or too fat or unattractive etc Look @ the list below I hope u feel better about you self afterwards.

You are too slim- you are not slimmer than wiz khalifa

You are too fat- Oprah winfrey is fat too

You are blind- Steve wonder is blind

You are not in school- Bill gates was a high school drop out and mark zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard university.

You are too young: mark zuckerberg created Facebook at age 20, agbani darego was the first black miss world at age 24, Davido is just 19, Justin beiber is just 18.

You are ugly: There is no Noway in this world seal would be finer than you, but he got married to one of the hottest girls in the world.

You are too short: Danny devito, Aki and pawpaw and Julius agwu are short and they still made it.

You are wierd: Michael Jackson was wierd.

You were born poor: Michael Jackson, Oprah winfery, iman, dangote and so many others weren't born with a silver spoon too.

I'm a girl and my hair is not long enough: Amber rose is on low cut isn't she?

My parents are irresponsible, they didn't bring me up well: 50cent's mother was a hardcore drugie and today apart from being a successful rapper, 50cent doesn't smoke nor do drugs.

And remember Iman the super model was picked from Somalia, oluchi the international super model was a bread seller in Nigeria, Justin beiber lived in a trailer, so many others who are commanding billions today weren't born that way, you have the same number of eyes, hands, fingers, legs and toes, there's no excuse for failure, if you work hard towards what you want with the help of God you ll definitely achieve your goals and if you work hard towards something and its not still working out, its probably not for you switch to something else be dynamic! Thanks I hope I helped.. If you ve got any problem send us a message at and we ll be glad to help.

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