Tuesday, 19 June 2012


How many ways can you apologize for slapping a female counterpart on live TV? Take a cue from ousted Big Brother StarGame contestant DKB; use as many means as possible. Write it, sing it or even film it if you can. One is bound to achieve the desired result. Not convinced that his apology via his press statement has truly been accepted, DKB has now released a song for Zainab titled ‘Apology’. How creative. We get it DKB; you are sorry for your irrational behaviour. Releasing a lame rap your apology does not make you any more remorseful than writing it does. The song which was released on Saturday 16th June is aimed at addressing the issue of gender violence. DKB wants men all over Africa to learn from his mistakes and avoid violence against both men and women in the society. What a noble initiative DKB. A better initiative however might be to actually enroll for an anger management class and also learn how a gentleman ought to treat a lady. Thankfully, this is DKB’s total and final apology to Zainab. We won’t wake up one morning to find that he has released a Gollywood flick titled ‘I’m Sorry Zainab’. You Can listen to the apology here.

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