Thursday, 21 June 2012

Who remembers these faded NAIJA musicians??

-AZADUS Do you remember Azadus?? The butcher turned singer was the man behind the hit song 'you is the one' after that song we no come see am again till today.. -Rasqui Do you remember rasqui?? he used to be the wizkid of those days, he was a chick killer. Some girls were even saying he looked like usher. He is the man behind the hit song 'Ati ready'he thrilled naija with his dance moves and vocal talent, then suddenly he disappeared, to where?? dont ask me. -BABA FRAYO Who no know Baba frayo that time?? 'dem go dey pose, dem go dey denge denge' He was the Dbanj of those days only difference is that he had only one hit, he never even met the president of benin rep talk more of meeting kanye west and...errm nothing more shout out to him whereever he is. - AFRICAN CHINA Im sure you guys remember this guy now, e neva too tey wey hin fade,that guy wey escape albinism come settle with chinese face -_- lool kidding, he was the man behind the hit song "lead us well" he vanished into thin air after that and re-appeared with a single "i no be deaf and dumb" unfortunately for him the song didnt catch Nigerians attention because they were busy listening to wizkid and davido awwn sorry sir! - SOUL E. You remember soul E now?? The man behind the semi-hit song "soul E baba dey here" popular for dating shan george wey senior am with decades, unfortunately for him they broke up and i heard he became broke afterwards. he has been trying series of comebacks, i hope he makes it back sha. - MARVELOUS BENJI. This ajegunle brought up singer was the shit then with his song "galala no dey do em again konko no dey freak them again e o" i remember when i was little, they played that song at every birthday party i attended, especially the dancing competitions then we ll squat and be doing the galala dance lol you know how it is.. ANYway shout to to benji whereever he is. THIS IS IT FOR ARTISTS, PLS PLS PLS TAKE TIME OUTTA YOUR BRAIN TO REMEMBER THESE MUSICIANS, THEY THRILLED US WAY BACK WHEN PLS!! Next week thur ill be going through faded actors and actresses. stay cool.

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