Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What type of person are you? Are you real? Fake? Or a phony? Find out below

1) What do you call Dr Dre headsets?
A- Beats by dre
B- Dr dre ear piece
C- earphone

2) On a normal day, where do you hang out?
A- The Mega mall
B- The park
C- The streets

3)which of these nicknames would you rather be called?

Guys. Girls
A- swagcity barros. A- Bella
B- Barbie. B-don flex. C- Angel. C- parolz lord

4) would you ever eat at a booker AKA mama put,even if you were very hungry and far from home?

A- maybe
B- hell No
C- yes

5) would you eat corn and groundnut outside??
A- never
B- it depends
C- ofcos, what is there ?

6) If you were to have a pet, which animal would it be?
A- A cat
B- A fancy dog
C- An aggressive dog

7) which phone would you rather have?
A- An iphone
B- A Samsung galaxy
C- A blackberry

8) Do you include your local/traditional name on your social network profiles?
A- No
B- sometimes
C- yes everytime gan

9) what is your favourite food?
B- amala
C- EBa

10) how manytimes have you gone to the Mega mall since Jan 2012?
A- I can't remember
B- over 10times
C- None

11) what pet name would you call your bf/girlfriend?
A- sugar
B- baby
C- sweetheart

12) which of these would you prefer ?
A- fish
B- beef
C- chicken

13) how many designer cloths/shoes/bags do you have?
A- about 20
B- all my cloths are designers
C- none

14) which designer Do you feel is the most popular of these 3?
A- louis vuitton
B- Versace
C- dolce & gabana

14) what network are you on?
B- Glo
C- zain

15) if you were to sing a song about a drink, which of these would you sing about?
A- Ace of spade
B- champagne
C- hennesy

Okay, now its time to find out where you belong

Mostly As- you are sophisticated, and you have class.. But you are a poser and you are proud. You are the kindoff person that feels they are better off than anyone else.

Mostly Bs- You don't know what you want, you want to be real but it seems pressure from your friends pushes you to do uncomfortable things AKA inferiority complex, And you are most comfortable when your friends aren't around.

Mostly Cs- You are too real, its good to be real oh but yours is over the top, you are the kindoff person that can go to Mr biggs and demand for pure water and kpómó. Please you need to upgrade.

Mostly As & Bs: work on your self are completely fake.

Mostly Bs & Cs: you want to be classy but you just can't, its either you live in a razz neighborhood or you have razz friends, but you are trying though, keep up the good job I'll suggest you change your crew.

Mostly As & Cs- You are the realest of all! You know how and when to be classy and you also know how to kick it lowkey, you are awesome, we need more of your kind in this world!

Mine's mostly As and Cs lol :p.

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