Friday, 4 May 2012

Its a lie goodluck Jonathan had shoes jor, he refused to wear them.

For a while I felt sorry for president GEJ, cause he told Us he had no shoes, but then the gods of wisdom from above slapped the back of my head and I started seeing the reality of things!

How can he say he had no shoes?? How much is shoe? Talk more of then that things were fucking cheap, with N1 you could buy 2pairs of shoes then. Okay let's say his parents didn't have N1 to buy shoe, couldn't they buy bathroom slippers for him? If GEJ didn't have shoes I guess that also means his entire family members didn't have shoes aswell?

All these draw me to a final conclusion that its either GEJ cooked up that story so people would feel sorry for him and Vote him In or He had shoes but didn't want to wear em" #Gbam.


Nelly Bradford said...

Nelly your head is there keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Nelly your head is there keep it going!

NaijaNelly said...

Lool thanks boss*my name mate* oya #gba